The Bushveld Conservation Bureau



Annual Shoot 2016 Results

 Our annual shoot was held at Hippo Creek Shooting Range on the 16th October 2016. 

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all the participants and their supporters for attending the Annual Shoot.

Below are the final results for download. Please note: The score of each discipline is converted to a % for that discipline. The 4 percentages are added together and then divided by 4 to obtain the final result.

Drumbeat July 2014

In June BCB held the first of its monthly shoots that will be held on the 3rd Sunday of every month. Events that were shot were the CHASA postal league rim fire event as well as the CHASA postal league centre fire event. There was also a Shotgun event shot. 

When looking at the makeup of BCB more than 50% of its members are avid wing shooters, the committee decided that no shooting day would be complete if we did not cater for our Shot gunners. We proceeded and bought 6 clay traps and deep cycle batteries which will allow us to facilitate a Compact type shoot. We will look at purchasing another 2 traps into the future that will give us the ability to throw a Rabbit and a Teal  …


Drumbeat November 2013

Recently on a BCB day out, there was time while lying under the warm early morning sun waiting for the elusive Dassies to show themselves. I had time to reflect back on the recently passed hunting season. For me the 2013 hunting season was a productive one, the highlight of all the trips was been able to spend quality time with old friends. The unforgettable nights relaxing around the fire after a hard days hunting, chewing the fat while sipping an ice cold beer. New friendships formed and old friendships that were rekindled and strengthened. Thereisjustsomethingtobesaid about friendships that are formed around campfires under starlit nights. I find this extremely therapeutic as it rejuvenates the soul, allowing one to survive life in the rat race. 

My thoughts soon drifted on to how lucky we are to live in Africa and able to practice our outdoor / hunting passions on a regular basis …


Drumbeat July 2013

The BCB has engaged with local and national bodies through various mechanisms to help better relationships and ensure that all the BCB members’ interests are looked after. This includes local and national nature conservation bodies, firearms forum meetings, wildlife forum meetings and the 

CHASA nationally meets that are hosted 3 times a year by different CHASA associations. 

The BCB's involvement with local conservation bodies has shown the members involvement and professionalism has ensured that any future and current operations are successful. There has been nothing but praise for the BCB …